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The Safari Store –

As a team, the employees of The Safari Store are dedicated to supplying you for your adventure to Africa, to the best of our ability - and with the best products available. We all have firsthand experience of travel to Africa with many years working as safari guides in Africa, and as tour operators in the UK.

Everyone on the team gets their hands dirty - updating the web site, searching for new stock lines to make your travel experience even better, distributing orders, processing returns, and most importantly assisting you as you pack for your adventure.

While we started out as an supplier for African adventures, our gear is well suited to travel to most warm to hot climates. Please see our very own Rufiji safari clothing range, which we believe is the best available in the UK!

Please contact us for advice as you pack, or for more information regarding the gear you require for your destination.
All the best for your travels!
The Safari Store Team

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Global Supplies –


Global Supplies has been at the cutting edge of delivering top class products and services to the wildlife industry for over 10 years.  As a result of this reputation in the industry, its network has grown tenfold and still continues to grow!

Our services include Elephant Immuno-contraception, Reserve consultancy and management, Wildlife Capture, Translocation as well as the supply of various wildlife industry related products including and not limited to:

Pneudart Darting Equipment | Wildlife Tracking Solutions (Sirtrack , Vectronic Aerospace , Lotek Wireless , Biosonics Telemetry and Biotrack) |             Camera Traps | Fencing (as approved by South African National Parks and Nature Conservation authorities) | Pharmaceuticals (Scheduled and non – scheduled) | Wildlife -,Vehicle- , Lodge - and Hospitality Insurance | Microchips and scanners | Eartags | Passive and mass capture equipment |      Helicopter services | Anti -Poaching equipment and expertise |

Directly related to Global Supplies’ exposure in Africa , our services are requested by various international bodies such as Humane Society International – relating to Elephant management projects ; Disney Animal Kingdom ; San Diego Zoo to name a few…. We have also had historic and current association with Animal Planet and Discovery Channel .

Whilst providing cost effective and practical solutions to complex wildlife management and research objectives, we have developed a deep understanding of the industry needs.  We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in customer support as we solve the unique challenges that the wildlife industry present us.

To continue delivering on our values and exceeding our customers' expectations we have chosen to partner with only the best leaders in design and manufacturing of specific products.