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Specialist Safaris

Rapt Rhino safari

ele darting  rhino dart in skin

The definition of "rapt", is to be totally absorbed, engrossed, or spellbound with emotion. This is what our Rapt Rhino Safaris are all about. To find yourself completely engrossed in a single act of conservation for a species that is threatened daily by poaching, and to know your participation made a difference, is a truly moving experience.

We offer guests a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in nature conservation work whilst on safari in South Africa, be it luxurious or adventurous. Transform your safari into an epic adventure of learning through conservation, with a chance to get real "up close and personal" with animals, whilst at the same time physically giving back to conservation projects in Africa.

Animals which are generally worked with include White and Black Rhino, African Elephant, and on the rare occasion Leopard and Wild Dog.

Destination and Group size - Private Game reserves in South Africa. The destination is always dependant on the choice of reserves requiring veterinary work to be carried out on their keystone species. Group sizes are generally limited to 8 guests. Larger groups can be accomodated, but this will be species dependant.

Duration - The general darting safari takes place during a 3 night stay in a private game reserve in South Africa, locations may vary according to the species in question, and the nature of the work which is needing to be carried out. On a 3 night safari, one full day will be used for the immobilisation and veterinary work to be carried out, and the other day will be used for relaxation and regular game drives/walks in the reserve.

Accommodation - May vary from 5 star supreme luxury, to 3 star comfort, depending on location, and your preferences and budget.

Dates - Safaris take place throughout the year, with preference for the cooler months (May - Oct)

Costs - Will vary according to the choice of accommodation, and the nature of work to be carried out on the animal. Some procedures demand the use of helicopters, whilst other can be handled using only a ground team. Contact us to inquire on the species you would prefer to work with.  

Customised Packages

We are able to customise any of our itineraries to suit your budgets and time constraints, although we recommend sticking as close to the above itinerary as possible. You may wish to add a few extras on to your package:

  • Tracking collars -  A valuable piece of equipment, utilised by reserve management to easily locate and monitor animals within their reserve. Not all reserves require tracking devises. Should you wish to include putting a tracking device on the animal to your itinerary, you will get the added benefit of monthly reports on your animals habits. Each device (depending on animal species) has a certain battery lifespan, and your reports will continue up until the battery has ceased working.
  • Added days and activities - Many of the reserves we operate offer superb accommodation and game viewing. You may wish to add a few extra days on to really enjoy all that the reserve has to offer.
  • Transfers and Flights - Our standard package does not include transfers to and from the reserve, but we are able to arrange this at very reasonable rates, let us know if you would like us to assist
  • DVD of the experience - A professional cameraman can be on standby to join the safari to document this once in a lifetime experience.

drawing blood guest and rhino transmitter Trovan